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LeanQueen Success Stories


Age: 45

“FitQueen has changed the way I think about Fitness & Nutrition thanks to a comprehensive bible of recipes and exercises for everyone. I’m no longer carb phobic and I’m enjoying the new found energy from nourishing my body with a good amount of healthy fats and complex carbs.”


Age: 45

“I am feeling so positive, I am the smallest I have ever been for 10 years and it’s still coming off. I feel at least ten years younger and definitely not 7 years away from retirement. Thank you to the FitQueen Support network for constant motivation and amazing support.”


Age: 21

“FitQueen has been amazing and so supportive. I wouldn’t be where I am or in this happy place with my body if it wasn’t for this program.”


Age: 30

“FitQueen is absolutely brilliant. There are so many recipe choices, I could eat the FitQueen burgers for dinner every evening! These are healthy meal plans that you never get bored of which is what’s happened to me in the past on boring chicken and broccoli diets. The workout plans are challenging but easy to follow. I couldn’t recommend FitQueen enough. “


Age: 27

“I joined FitQueens because I wanted to achieve my goal to lose weight and become a fitter person. Since joining I have managed to lose weight, improve my eating habits and have not fallen back into eating badly. Keeping consistent is something that I normally struggle with when starting a ‘diet’ but I have managed to stay consistent and it is down to the support that has been fantastic from fellow FitQueens. The home workouts have also been a great help so I can exercise at home. Thank you FitQueen.”


Age: 31

“I have lost my target 1 and a half stone. Three months on I am maintaining my weight happily and eating a varied diet. I would recommend FitQueen to anyone.”


Age: 26

"The support from FitQueen has been everything I needed and more, a lot more. I would highly recommend the FitQueen program for anyone that loves food but wants to get their body in shape!

In my opinion If you are someone that struggles to manage a day of eating whether it be binge eating or living in a crazy calorie deficit having the FitQueen program there is like a safety net for you to refer to, when the reasons and the science behind what works and what doesn’t are explained it really helped me make the right choices."


Age: 27

"I tried so many diets before finding FitQueen, this isn’t a fad diet and there is no  ‘foods off limits’, everything is to do with balance, moderation and learning self-discipline.

Going with FitQueen has been the best decision I’ve made in regards to investing in myself and I look forward to accomplishing many more goals this year continuing with their help!

The content FitQueen provides on the members app as well as the FQ Facebook Group pages are extremely informative and every day is like a school day - always learning!

I can’t recommend this program enough!"


Age: 26

"The FitQueen recipes make losing weight and feeling good about yourself easy. The recipes are easy to follow, varied and most importantly very yummy! The support you get from the lovely group of ladies using the program and the Wednesday wisdom coach support videos help to increase your knowledge of why the FitQueen way works and keeps you on track! Would definitely recommend this to anyone fed up of fad diets and wanting to make a great lifestyle change to feel good about themselves "


Age: 47

"Working with FitQueen has enabled me to develop a much better understanding of the nutrition and exercise that my body needs and how to adapt it to a range of situations – eating out, travelling, staying away.
Even when I have had bad weeks the contact I have had with my coach has been fantastically positive and supportive whilst still challenging me to do better. Working with FitQueen I’ve lost just over 7kg and gained a healthier, leaner, stronger body along with a much more positive self-image."


Age: 41

"The results are amazing, I have dropped body fat, and inches.  My butt and thighs look much more toned and smoother and I actually enjoy looking at them.  I have changed a lot in such a short amount of time.  The definition around the whole of my body is amazing.  I am very much looking forward to seeing what we can achieve over the next few months continuing to work with FitQueen."


Age: 32

"I’ve gone from being stuck in bed most weekends, to taking my son and dog for a walk, playing frisbee, laughing with my family, wearing my old clothes and just feeling so much better!

A huge shift in not only my physical well-being, but also my mind, which like a lot of other people, is a hinderance sometimes. Thank you FitQueen".


Age: 38

"So since January I’ve been on a mission to finally get rid of my mum tum 😆 and do something about it, instead of moaning to my hubby & myself I found FitQueens! I’ve been exercising, toning and still eating 🍽 😋! And fits in so well with my hectic life!!"


Age: 30

"I highly recommend FitQueen to anyone who seriously wants to change their lifestyle for a healthy one. Getting to eat tasty food and lose weight at the same time. The coaches are always on hand if you need advice and support along the way. This program has helped me with all my gym sessions and taught me how to burn fat and build muscle. Joining fit queens has changed my life for the better."

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