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The LeanQueen Story

Hi, I’m Emily, I created FitQueen in the search to help thousands of women who, like me, want to lose weight, get toned and find body confidence. At age 19, I was 5 stone over weight, addicted to fast food and at war with my body image.

I simply could not stick to a diet of low calories or point tracking which left me facing continuous failures leading to zero success.

After a long journey of trial and error I lost the 5 stone and found the golden key to sustainable weight loss. I realised I could eat tasty, continue socialising and exercise within my comfort zone whilst transforming my body.

Emily De Luzy

FitQueen Founder

I created the Lean Queen Program because I’m sick of seeing women attempt and fail low calorie, restricted diets. My program gives you the support to realise you can succeed whilst teaching you the importance of portion size, food variety, combined with exercise.


I have supported hundreds of women to successfully transform their lifestyles and to find their own body confidence and most importantly to sustain their results. I truly believe my Lean Queen program will transform your life and the way you feel about your body.

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