For busy ladies who want to get in shape and become body confident

Over the next 12 weeks we are going to achieve your goal, get you healthier and fitter, free your mind of any potential bad habits and support you to love the body you see in the mirror.
4 core pillars to success guarantee results:

  • Personalisation - our plan tailored to you

  • Motivation - we are in your corner to support you

  • Accountability - review progress with your coach

  • Affordability - a personal service at a price for all

A menu just for you

This isn’t an unrealistic, guaranteed to fail, calorie counting diet. We teach you what to eat and how much with a variety of delicious food!

  • Over 100 recipe's

  • Portion sizes adjusted to you

  • 50+ restaurant choices to use alongside your plan

  • Affordable, family friendly recipe's

  • Quick & easy options included

Lose fat, get toned

Pick where you want to exercise with our HomeLean & GymLean programmes. Get fantastic results wherever YOU feel most at home.

  • New workout plan every 4 weeks

  • Exercises targeted to blast fat

  • Gain confidence - we teach you proper exercise technique

  • Busy schedule? Our workouts are only 25-45 minutes long

We're your helping hand

We’ll give you that polite nudge if you need it. Using notifications & check-ins, we keep you fired up & motivated to achieve your goal.

  • Access your coach when YOU need to

  • Connect with fellow Lean Queen's

  • FREE Access to the FitQueen Bible - our unique recipe, exercise and support library

  • Don't give up your social life - we'll guide you on the decisions to make when eating out

12 weeks to change your life

We know the diet industry is full of claims and promises. We're not here to sell you another attempted failed diet. Our system is in place to set you up for long term success, not a quick fix.

Why should you become a FitQueen today?

  • We will make your goals a reality with our 98% success rate

  • Easy & simple, your plan, in your hands via our IOS/Android App

  • You'll be in the hands of our expert body transformation coaches

  • This is a journey, not a diet! Become part of the FitQueen community as soon as you join

How does it work?


We get to know you

Complete our startup questionnaire including information on your overall health, measurements, goal setting, food and lifestyle. This enables our coaches to provide you with a personal service to enhance results.


Your personal plan, tailored

Using our recipes, we will create your personal meal plans based on your calorie and macronutrient needs, Over the next 12 weeks you will receive a total of 15 plans with over 60 recipes.


Food, exercise & check-in

After 5 days you will receive your first cycle of workouts & meal plans along with a personalised introduction from your coach. You will receive 3 cycles over the 12 weeks including progress reviews & feedback from your coach.


Success & sustain

Celebrate your success!
 From here on you can decide to continue your journey working directly with our coaches or transition to the FitQueen Bible - our support library with guidance on how to sustain your results.

This is Dani, a true LeanQueen success

In 12 weeks Dani transformed her life with a huge 3 stone weight loss, dropped 3 dress sizes, became alcohol free (bar the odd glass here or there) and she is in a much healthier, happier place with her body image.

Would you love to be body confident?

Who wouldn't, right? We know how to help you; we have the track record! We make it FUN, AFFORDABLE and together we will unleash your inner SASS!

  • We have so much support ready and waiting to help you

  • This is no fad diet! This is the beginning of life long results

  • Leave stress at the door, this system is designed to be EASY

  • One size does not fit all. We work with you as an individual


Want your very own success story?

Do you have a positive relationship with your body?

We truly hope you do, but if you don’t, that’s ok. That is exactly where we come in, we give you the tools to achieve your physical and visual goals so the body you do see in the mirror is one you truly enjoy.

All we need you to do is say

Click your option below


Start your journey today


Exercise at the gym

Over 100 recipes

Personalised to you

3 workout cycles

4 workouts per cycle

One to one coach check in

FitQueen Bible Access

12 weeks upfront £129

Save £48!

3 instalments of £59*

*Paid every 4 weeks


Exercise at home

Over 100 recipes

Personalised to you

3 workout cycles

4 workouts per cycle

One to one coach check in

FitQueen Bible Access

12 weeks upfront £129

Save £48!

3 instalments of £59*

*Paid every 4 weeks


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